Farah Janjua traveled to the border of Pakistan, to an Afghani refugee camp. There, she found, Gul Jan (pictured below in a blue scarf) with her 3-year-old daughter, Zareefa. Gul Jan’s husband is a miner and makes 400 Rs. (approx. $4 USD) per week. She has two daughters, the older one is in school and she planned to send Zareefa to school as well. Marreybad, an Afghan settlement comprised mostly of the Hazara community is better off than other Afghani communities. It has electricity, water, and a gas supply and is framed by the beautiful mountains of Quetta City. Save the Children/ US runs a Group Guaranteed Lending and Savings program providing access to credit and savings for Afghani women living below the poverty line. The amount loaned to these women is invested in small industry businesses like wool spinning, carpet weaving, embroideries etc., which provides them with the means to support themselves and their families. Images donated by Farah Janjua.